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Assorted prints featuring characters from Blue Remedy, an original webcomic. All prints are prepared from my home studio on matte finished paper.

All prints are available in small (printed on 5x7) and large ( printed on 8x10) sizes. To clarify the size for processing, please select the numbered print you want and S for small or L for large (e.g. 1S, 1L).

Scroll to the bottom of the menu for bundle options- and include the numbers of the prints you want in the shipping notes. If you do not include the numbers, your order will be rejected.

(Due to my crappy camera, the images are slightly grainy and washed out. If you would like a close up of any image, please reach out or check out my IG)

Due to the difference in size ratio, prints that were originally drawn at 5x7 will NOT scale perfectly to 8x10. All large versions will be printed on 8x10 and the extra will be trimmed. Some large prints are drawn at a different ratio than 8x10, and in that case, the trim will be cut also.

ANY prints printed on 8x10 will be either 8 inches or 10 inches on one side.

1- Like Magic (Sacha portrait)
2- Blueberry Faygo (Nick portrait)
3- Drinks' on Me (Nick)
4- Best Friends (Nick and Friday)
5- High Rise (Friday)
6- Nightmare (Ian PATREON EXCLUSIVE)
7- Pride 2022 (all characters)
8- Fire Escape (Ian)
9- Blue Remedy Cover (all characters)


My prints hung on display received very minor damage (indents from the clips). I am putting them on sale with a STEEP discount- only one set exists, so it'll go to the first person who orders it.
($74 value for only $20!!!)