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A collection of stickers featuring the original characters and artwork from Blue Remedy, and Blue Rabbit Comics brands. All large stickers are at least 3". All small stickers are approx 1"

1C- Nick character (large)
2C- Ian character (large)
3C- Friday character (large)
4C- Sacha character (large)
1T- Team Ian chibi (large)
2T- Team Sacha chibi (large)
3T- Team Friday chibi (large)
4T- Team Nick chibi (large)
1S- Blue Remedy twilight (small)
2S- Blue Remedy dawn (small)
3S- Blue Remedy thunderstorm (small)
4S- Blue Rememdy night (small)
5S- Blue Remedy day (small)
6S- Blue Rabbit Comics logo (small)
7S- Holo bun and crossbones (small)
8S- Fully body Blue (small)
9S- Raging Blue (small)
10s- Frustrated Blue (small)

** If you choose any 4 large bundle, please include the NUMBER/LETTER code for all four items in your shipping notes. Without the number codes I cannot process your order